About Us

An activist Chican@/Latin@ student organization and recognized official M.E.Ch.A. Chapter at UCSB, comprimised of committees which address various areas of interest. Congreso strives through its workshops, programs, and conferences to support, defend, and assist the needs of Chican@/Latin@ students and the local community.We are a diverse community of people (indigenous, immigrant, mixed race, etc.) actively working against homophobia, racism, sexism, and the many other oppressive isms that exist today. We continue on with the struggle, keeping the legacy of the Chican@ movement alive.

El Congreso is an umbrella organization of 18 committees which emphasize different issues and subjects of el moviemiento,such as art, health, education, law, engineering, the AB540 community, & gender and sexuality support groups. Congreso believes in self-determination of Chican@/Latin@ communities, accordingly each committee has its own structure with officers or chooses to function in its own unique way dictated by the members.The Congreso general body itself is a horizontal space, meaning there are no officers, though each member essentially has a cargo in which they participate in the collective.