About Us

The Greenhouse and Garden Project is an enjoyable and educational organization at UCSB that welcomes students, faculty, and staff to maintain their own plot to garden on. Many students live in apartments that do not allow anywhere to plant a garden, which is what makes the GHGP so unique. We currently have over fifty members, each with their own plot(s) and full access to the greenhouse. With potlucks and meetings once per quarter, it gives members a chance to interact with other gardeners, help with the upkeep of the whole garden/greenhouse, and discuss current issues.

The GHGP practices organic gardening, which means that no pesticides or harmful chemicals can be used. Gardening without pesticides provides a safe environment and teaches members alternative ways of gardening. Another advantage to this method is that it allows members to eat fruit off of our 100+ fruit trees without worry of harmful chemicals.

As A Member

A fee of only $40 per year, a one-time $10 refundable deposit, seeds and seedlings are all you need to get started. Membership fees include an individual plot of your choice, access to the greenhouse, tool use, water, woodchip mulch, manure (thanks to the campus Horse Boarders Association), and all of the gardening help you need from both books and other members. Members grow a wide variety of plants, anywhere from flowers to vegetables, herbs to huge pumpkins! Almost anything can be grown on your plot!

Contact Us


Seth Peterson

Co-garden Director Plot assignments, garden tours, work hour assignments, water problems and general info 805-961-9639, 805-893-4434


Sara Baguskas

Co-garden Director Collection of yearly dues & dues in exchange for work hours, tree care 805-961-9639 ghgpucsb@gmail.com

David Cleveland

Faculty Advisor   893-7502 x2968 cleveland@es.ucsb.edu

Kristen LaBonte

Staff Advisor   893-2689 klabonte@library.ucsb.edu