Here are a few links and videos that PDO finds really helpful for pre-dental students. Make sure to take advantage of these resources so that you're fully aware and prepared for your journey to becoming a successful dentist! Also, if you would like to suggest additional information to be listed, contact PDO about it!

American Dental Association
As the first and biggest national dental society, the ADA has endless amounts of resources ranging from news in dentistry to all the information about accredited dental schools, career and financial planning, dental specialities, and more.
This is a database where current dental school applicants can submit their stats in terms of GPA, DAT scores, interview invitations, rejections/acceptances, etc. You can also view past application cycles.

Student Doctor Network
There are numerous articles pertaining to dentistry and all other health fields, and the SDN forums are a great place to find help from other pre-dental students, dental students, and doctors. 


Thousand Smiles Foundation: Ensenada Dental Clinic 
Weekend trips to Ensenada, Mexico four times per year
Dental Assist/Shadow/Q&A
Very reasonably priced (~$125) 

Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Society: Radiology Licensing Lab 
Note: Must have a Dental Society Dentist sponsor.

UCLA School of Dentistry: Pre-Dental Courses 
Learn the basics of tooth waxing, impressions/casts, or quadrant dentures!

Dental School from First-Hand Experiences:

Dentristry as a Career (Why, How to, Etc.):


After Dental School
"Dental school graduates have a variety of career options. Approximately 80% of all dentists practice general dentistry, and 20% are specialists" (ADEA). See what more you can do aside from general dentistry after dental school.



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