Honor Keys

The Lambda Chapter has created three special awards, honor keys, to recognize outstanding achievement among its new initiates. These keys are awarded at the annual initiation ceremony.

KATHERINE ESAU HONOR KEY - Awarded on the basis of academic achievement, breadth of program, and seriousness of purpose in the pursuit of excellence in the humanities to the Phi Beta Kappa initiate who best represents the ideals of the society, in honor of Katherine Esau, professor of botany and member of UCSB's Department of Biological Sciences (1963-1977) for her many years of devotion to the university and to Phi Beta Kappa.

WILLIAM FROST MEMORIAL KEY - Awarded to the initiate majoring in English who is judged to have demonstrated the highest level of excellence consistent with the ideals of Phi Beta Kappa, in memory of William Frost, UCSB professor of English (1951-88), for his significant enhancement of the quality of liberal arts education.

LAWRENCE WILLSON HONOR KEY - Awarded to the initiate and Regents Scholar who is judged as best representing the ideals of Phi Beta Kappa, in honor of Lawrence Willson, UCSB professor of English (1947-83) and founder of the local chapter in recognition of his crucial role in persuading the officers of the university to create the award of University of California Regents Scholar.