Welcome to the UCSB PWA Homepage


The UCSB Professional Women's Association was founded in January of 1993 and
promotes the advancement of women at UCSB and serves as a voice for women in
the discussion of campus issues. This association is all-inclusive and open to everyone
affiliated with the campus, including all staff, faculty, students, alumni, and affiliates. It is
also open to members of our community who want to be involved. Join us in our journey
to celebrate our 25TH SILVER YEAR ANNIVERSARY of success in serving our community!  

The purpose of this Association is to develop awareness among faculty, and other campus constituencies of the contributions of women to the mission of UCSB; to provide activities and support to other campus constituencies that contribute to the advancement of women; serve as a networking and communications channel among women, and to provide a forum to influence decisions on campus and community issues.

Our objectives are to Mentor and advocate for all, give back to our community with service, educate and create leadership opportunities for members, and celebrate the contributions made by women on campus.

2017-2018 Officers: