2017 PWA Conference

Workshop Session Descriptions

**All tours must be pre-registered for at the beginning of the conference due to limited space**


SESSION A: 10:00-11:00AM

Autocuidado y Maneras de Participar Mientras Construyendo Alianzas
Maria Arroyo, Mayra Ramos, Shelly Vargas (State Street Room)

¿Le da su todo al trabajo y vuelve a casa y hace lo mismo con su familia? ¿Se siente agotada de dar tanto de su ser? Usted no está sola, muchas mujeres pasan la mayor parte del día dando - la energía, la atención, el tiempo a los demás y, a menudo se olvidan de cuidarse de sí mismas. El objetivo de esta presentación es compartir herramientas simples/ejercicios que se pueden usar en el trabajo o en el hogar para ayudar a las mujeres a encontrar el balance en su vida. Muchas veces, a las mujeres se les olvida practicar el auto-cuidado, ya que tienen muchas responsabilidades cuidando a otros y esperamos que puedan llevar nuevas ideas sobre la manera de cuidarse primero para seguir cuidando a sus seres queridos y estar presentes y contentas en el trabajo.

Crucial Conversations
Caroline Adams and Danny Mann (Harbor Room) 

"Crucial Conversations for Understanding and Reflection," will give a brief overview of the skills embodied in Crucial Conversations training, and demonstrate how the psychological concepts are linked to Emotional Intelligence, enhancing self-awareness as well as a better understanding of those around you. We will also show videos from the training and have participants engage in some exercises related to the concepts. Depending on the level of experience of the group, we may also provide a general understanding of what Crucial Conversations training is.

Free Expression & Campus Climate
Katya Armistead (SB Mission Room)

A workshop that explores free speech, campus climate, how the campus responds to controversial events, and how staff can support students who are concerned about controversial events.

Zumba for Beginners
Lynnae Onishi (Flying A Studio)

Zumba is an international dance fitness program that combines music with easy to follow dance steps. Come and see for yourself why Zumba has become one of today’s fastest growing fitness programs with more than 15 million participants worldwide. In this session we will get our heart rate up by exercising to a variety of dance rhythms. Whether you are new to Zumba or are a Zumba regular, you will get a great workout and have fun. A fun fact about Zumba is that the American Council on Exercise commissioned a study in 2012, which validated that Zumba truly is a highly effective cardiovascular workout. Zumba – come join the party! (Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.)

Cultivating Happiness
Barbara Byrge (Corwin Pavilion)

Drawing from concepts in Positive Psychology and wisdom from mind/body/spiritual wellness gurus such as Lissa Rankin, Tosha Silver, and Lousie Hay, Barbara will explore ideas you can employ in your daily life to increase happiness. We will touch on ideas like using vizualizations, the law of attraction, goal setting, and and how we can use specific techniques to cope with life's challenges and attract more of what we want. 

SESSION B: 11:15-12:15PM

Climbing the Career Ladder: Empowerment through job materials and career identity
Amanda Asquith, Maddie Foster, Lana Smith-Hale (State Street Room)

Want to climb the career ladder? We’ll discuss main messages women generally receive about their careers and how these messages can impact how you portray yourself. Then we’ll teach you tools and strategies to take a different stance and reshape your career path by changing your job materials and re-imagining the career message you portray. Come empower yourself to make the most out of your career.

How to Influence & Engage Others: Public Speaking
Hiba Hamdan (Harbor Room)

Just about everyone fears public speaking. But if you want to be a leader, that’s something you’ll have to overcome. Whether you’re standing up at a meeting, presenting at a conference, or testifying at city council; you’ll want to organize your thoughts in a clear, persuasive, and compelling way. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to command audience attention, how to get your point across, and how to inspire people to action.

A Brief But Spectacular History of UCSB Campus Planning
Dennis Whelan (SB Mission Room)

Everyone who visits the UCSB campus is struck by two things: first, the astonishing site on the Pacific Ocean with views of the Chanel Islands and the Santa Ynez mountains and then second, the astonishing disarray of the campus plan that works against all these natural physical attributes. The result of numerous planning attempts left partially realized, the campus is often bereft of the relationship of the campus to its surroundings; unable to see the ocean or the mountains, and frequently leaving the best sites to parking lots and loading docks. This short physical history of UCSB will seek to explain the history of the site, campus plans and suggest a way forward.

Work-life Balance and Organizational Performance
Norah Dunbar (Flying A Room)

This workshop will use research studies into work-life balance to discuss the best ways to find balance and reduce worker burnout. Specific strategies that any employee can implement will be emphasized.

A Poet's Path to Professionalism
Sojourner Kincaid Rolle (Chumash Room)

Poetry is a powerful form of communication. it often expresses our deepest feelings in a direct and meaningful way. It can be a personal paliative and, also, an inspiration to others. During this presentation, participants will learn about one woman's journey to embracing poetry as the medium for her life's work and hear her poems of womanist endeavor.

UCSB Student Activism Tour (Must pre-register at the beginning of the conference)
Alexis Wright and Briana Muñoz-Flores
In times of political tension and unrest, UCSB students have leveraged their power to affect change for underrepresented communities on and off campus. The UCSB student activism tour highlights the many ways students have actively fought for recognition and equality on campus and abroad, and have added to the current campus climate we enjoy today. Follow us as we journey from the 1960s to present illuminating the contributions students have made to the UCSB community. Meet outside of Corwin. (30 ppl max) 

SESSION C: 1:45-2:45PM

Woman to Woman: An Imperative Discussion on Mentorship
Antoinette Moreland-Carter (State Street Room)

This workshop provides space and opportunity to discuss and brainstorm the factor of mentorship in the workplace among women. I will have one or more students of my own who I mentor, and also provide examples of how I am being mentored by others. Via a 15 minute PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, I will provide a foundation of information including research, definitions, evidence, and examples supporting the significance of mentorship in the workplace. Following the presentation, I will introduce my student(s) who will speak briefly (5-10 minutes) on their experience(s) as mentees of mine. Then, the audience will be able to participate in an interactive activity (30 minutes) with one another that will help to lead into a 10-15 minute group discussion on the topic..

3 Simple Negotiating Tricks to Maximize your Bargaining Success
Michael Steinberg (Harbor Room)

We will discuss some basic principles of negotiation to maximize your deal making potential. Come prepared to engage, negotiate, and have a good time. We will discuss real world scenarios.

Find Your Voice - Change Your Life
Sloane Reali (SB Mission)

If you have a fear of public speaking, you are not alone. Developing the confidence to speak up is critical to your happiness and well- being. In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn simple vocal techniques in which you will immediately hear powerful results. The power of your voice can do so many things – inspire joy in others, change the world for the better, and have a multitude of health benefits for you and those around you. No matter how you want to use your voice, Sloane will help you learn the physical techniques for owning and projecting your unique voice with clarity and confidence. Develop an awareness of your voice, your physical body and how to make the two work together using practical and effective exercises that work every time!

Inner Resiliency: A perspective on stress and anxiety
Maddy Bortes (Flying A Room)

In this workshop, you’ll gather practical tools to shift your relationship to stress and anxiety. You’ll learn about the science behind mindfulness, the effects of stress on your body, and how to regulate your nervous system so that you may inhabit a more expansive and settled state of being.

Wonder Woman’s Guide to Values Exploration
Danielle Quiñones-Ortega (Chumash Room)

Our values are both personal and often universal. Daily, women are implicitly asked to balance their personal lives, family, work, and service to their community. With so much fighting for your attention, this workshop will help you determine what you value most and consider how your values guide your actions.

Knowing of Self
Y. Evelyn Cui (Goleta Valley Room)

Ancient texts of wisdom from East and West agree on the unstoppable power of a person that knows herself or himself. This workshop will be centered on the topic of self-knowledge, hosted by Y. Evelyn Cui, entrepreneur, musician, and education enthusiast. It will include a sharing of her journey seeking for answers within herself in order to live her transformed life today, and time for meditation and reflection for the audience to practice heightened self-awareness and mindfulness. The power to create an impact is directly related to the power the creator. Take a break from the busy-ness of the daily grind, recenter, and recharge at this workshop to create the next biggest impact – from the core of who you are.

AD&A Museum Tour (Must pre-register at the beginning of the conference)
Lety Garcia
Enjoy a Behind the Scenes tour of the Museum Print Room, ADC archive and learn about the Art Together collaboration between the AD&A Museum and the Early Academic Outreach Program. Meet outside of Corwin. (15 ppl max) 

Allosphere Tour (Must pre-register at the beginning of the conference)
Professor JoAnn Kuchera-Morin
The Allosphere is a large digtal instrument that immerses a number of researchers in complex information for doing virtual experiments. In my research one picture is worth approximately 60 million numbers. How can one find patterns in complex information and work with the information creatively and intuitively leading to new and unique innovation? Visualization of a complex system is not the end goal. It is the beginning of the representation of immersive, interactive, data, mathematical information that can then be transformed through experimentation and simulation on the proper computational platform. We as media artists are collaborating with scientists to make new scientific disocveries as well as new emergent art forms based on the groundtruth principles of science. We will demonstrate our research in the AlloSphere instrument. Meet outside of Corwin. (30 ppl max) 

SESSION D: 3:00-4:00PM

How to Build Community Through Dancing
Monica Dabos (State Street Room)

In this talk I will share my experience of building a vibrant community through social salsa dance lessons and salsa practices. The Yes Dance! community has grown from 5 members to over 700 members in four years. I will explain how this social dancing community developed, building a strong form of social capital and bonding in the process. As a community we were able to create a free wedding worth $15,000 - $20,000 and have recently opened a dance studio at a prime location in the Paseo Nuevo Mall. This talk will include a short presentation followed by a salsa-dancing lesson (safe, supportive and suitable for everyone!) and some take away tools to help you build community, connect with others, build trust and get involved. Yes, you can dance salsa too!

Beyond the Bubble: How to Have Dialogue Across Political Lines
Tania Israel (Harbor Room)

It can be difficult to bridge the political divide. How do we talk with people who hold political views that are different from our own? Is there a path forward, out of conflict, toward understanding and common ground? This interactive workshop will prepare participants to engage in dialogue by building skills for listening, managing emotions, and perspective taking. People of all political persuasions are welcome!

Exploring Embodiment: Yoga and meditation class
Maddy Bortes (Flying A Room)

This class will help you explore your body’s inner intelligence. You’ll learn to breathe in a way that nourishes and creates space within your body. You’ll move from within so that your time on the mat will serve as a source of inspiration and pave the path towards inhabiting home within yourself. Open to all levels of experience, including those who are brand new to yoga.

A Powerful Voice- Nurturing Creativity- Female Book Artists at the College of Creative Studies Exhibit
Danielle Moon (meet in Special Research Collections, 3rd floor of the library)

This workshop will present a guided tour through the Exhibit and will include a brief overview of the book arts at UCSB and about the role of young women in fine press printing and book arts, as well as featuring the works of master printers and mentors from the College of Creative Studies. 

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