Mission Statement

The purpose of the Professional Women's Association (PWA) is to develop awareness among faculty, staff and other campus constituencies of the contributions of women to the mission of UCSB; to provide activities and support other campus constituencies that contribute to the advancement of women at UCSB; to serve as a networking and communications channel among women employees at UCSB; and to provide a forum to influence decisions on campus and community issues that affect women at UCSB.

Leadership Opportunities

Looking for leadership opportunities? Join PWA and serve in a leadership role for the upcoming year. Submit a nomination today!

To accept a nomination, candidates must review and electronically sign the below expectations of Officers and obtain supervisor approval. This form must be completed and submitted on OrgSync prior to the nomination submission deadline. Officer nomination forms must be submitted on OrgSync no later than June 30, 2017 by 12:00PM.

Officer Positions Available:

  • Vice-Presidents (s)
  • Treasurer(s)

Other Appointed Positions Available:

  • Community Service (co)-Chair
  • Membership Coordinator(s)
  • Programming (co)-Chair
  • Publicity Coordinator(s)

PWA Officer Nomination Form 2017-2018

Historical Perspective

The Professional Women's Association was formed by a group of remarkable women at UCSB in January 1993. The first elections were held in 1993 with our first Co-Presidents, Micael Kemp and Martie Levy. Our Founders are Christina LaVino, Martie Levy, Carol Parsons, Margie Weeks, Jody Kaufman, Louise Moore, Christine Bendele, and Melba Ortiz.

Since 1993 we have developed many notable programs, events, and services. The focus of these offerings is to bring awareness of the contributions of women to the mission of UCSB, to support the advancement of women at UCSB, to serve as a networking channel, and to provide forums to influence issues that effect women at UCSB. Some of our highlights over the years include:

  • 1992: Organizers come together to form PWA
  • 1993: PWA becomes official; first year of book scholarships awarded to non-traditional/re-entry students
  • 1994: Community service begins for local elementary schools
  • 1995-96: Launch of first PWA website
  • 1996: First annual professional development conference
  • 1997-1998: Book Club launches
  • 1997-1998: Unsung Heroine awards were established
  • 2006: Woman of the Year award introduced
  • 2012: PWA 2.0 is born; 20th anniversary celebrated at Birthday Bash
  • 2016: PWA celebrates 20th annual professional conference and reveals new PWA logo

Past President

1993-1994 Micael Kemp & Martie Levy                 1994-1995 Sandy De Rousse & Margaret Weeks         

1995-1996 De Acker & Pat Sheppard                             

1996-1997 Jan Smith & Christine Van Gieson         

1997-1998 Sonia Johnston & Gwen Kuhns            

1998-1999 Yonie Harris & Ginny Johns               

1999-2000 Gina Funderburgh & Gail Johnson      

2000-2001 Pam Allen & John Berberet

2001-2002 Amy Jacobs & Candace Stevenson

2002-2003 Lisa Oshins & Carol Wilmoth (Wyzinski)

2003-2004 Cecilia Becerra & Carolyn Buford

2004-2005 Lupe Navarro-Garcia & Kim Equinoa

2006-2007 Kori Soltz & Elizabeth Yossem-Guy 

2007-2008 Shubra Agarwal & Sandra Camp 

2008-2009 Milinda Cuellar & Anna E. Morales-Castañeda 

2009-2010 Katya Armistead & Gina Gonzales 

2010-2011 Alka Arora, Melanie Matson & Katya Armistead (Acting)

2011-2012 Kelly Erland & Margaret McMurtrey 

2014-2015 Keri Bradford & Britney Craighead 

2015-2016 Nancy Santos & Angelica Diaz

2016-2017 Lia Cabello








2016-17 Officers: